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We have long-established relationships with research, marketing and PR agencies, many of whom we have approved fieldwork supplier status.

We offer bespoke solutions for each agency we work with.  We are equally happy delivering a full-service research solution or providing our expert data collection and processing services.

Project work ranges from recruiting for a set of focus groups to conducting thousands of consumer or hundreds of business-to-business interviews.

Our team have decades of experience working alongside agencies and understand the need to deliver the quality research, at speed and at a competitive price.

  • Advisory: We invest time and partner with agency clients to define the best solution to meet their research objectives.

  • ‘In-Person’ Fieldwork: We provide UK-wide face-to-face and telephone data collection services.

  • Online Fieldwork: We offer full-service, online fieldwork, applying rigorous design and quality assurance controls.​​

The Wall of Ideas
  • Data Coding: We deliver quality, fast and cost-effective coding of open-ended comments.

  • Data Processing: Our team are experienced in delivering data sets with complex weighting against tight deadlines.

  • Qualitative: We have ‘in-house’ qualitative capabilities to recruit consumer and B2B audiences.


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