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Holding Plant


We recognise the positive role business plays in society.  We have an ethos of being a net giver and leaving the world in a better place than when we started.

Image by Dan Stark

Our Environment

Our Environmental Policy can be reviewed and downloaded here.  We are particularly proud in our investment of £60,000 in solar panels for our business premises which makes us a net giver of electricity.

Image by Tim Marshall

Local Community

Each member of staff is actively encouraged to take time from work to support local causes and charities.  Across our core team we are board members of several local charities and have links with local primary schools.

Image by lauren lulu taylor

Business Ethics

We pride ourselves on our open, transparent and trustworthy business practices.  Formed in 1972, our business principles of delivering high quality research at competitive costs have  remained the same for 50 years. 

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