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We specialise in the public sector and have a reputation for delivering high quality outputs.


We have worked with Sevenoaks District Council on their telephone and postal resident and engagement work over the last five years. An example of one of these projects can be found below:

  • When Sevenoaks Council were seeking the opinions of residents they asked Lake Market Research to provide design, data collection, analysis and reporting services.

  • The ‘Issues and Options’ consultation necessitated extensive feedback from residents, with ‘census’ postal survey approach adopted.  We optimised the survey design in terms of question content and visual appeal to maximise response rates.  We achieved an extremely impressive 31% response rate (more than 50% higher than original expectations) from our 50,000 ‘mail-out’.

  • Our robust sample of over 15,000 completed surveys was collated, analysed, reported and presented back to members.

Resident Consultation,
Sevenoaks District Council

Image by Tom Thain
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