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Lake commissioned to partner WCC & RBKC on their digital inclusion resident survey

While some of us may have turned to the internet or increased our usage over the last 12 months, for some the internet might present some challenges. It is estimated that 9% of UK adults have either never used the internet or they last used it more than three months ago. Digital inclusion needs to consider not just those that cannot access the internet but also having the skills to use it. Those that are digitally excluded may lack the confidence or motivation to use such technology. Having the right equipment installed may also be a barrier or concern.

Lake is pleased to be working in partnership with Westminster City Council and Kensington and Chelsea Council on their digital inclusion resident survey. We are working in partnership to better understand the barriers faced by the estimated 12,000 residents who are digitally excluded and provide recommendations for the necessary tools and resources to get these residents online and to do so confidently.

Interviewing will focus on key groups, including the unemployed, those who are disabled or who care for someone with a disability, those aged over 60, and lower income households. We are conducting face to face interviews with 800 residents in total, which consist of 400 in each borough. Fieldwork is being conducted through June 2021.


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