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We apply our expertise and meticulous attention to detail to all aspects of data management

Survey Scripting

Our software allows us to set up and host online questionnaires with a range of capabilities from simple question types to complex routing and rotations. We will design the layout of the online questionnaire and make recommendations regarding its layout; ensuring clear and concise instructions are used, it is aesthetically pleasing and has a good flow throughout.

We have our own dedicated in-house scripting and hosting facility for all research conducted online.  This enables our executive team and project managers to have 100% control over the process of launching and running the software.

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Open-End Coding

Our team of coders are managed by our Operations Department who will ensure timely and accurate coding of open-ended questions.  Coding is undertaken on an ongoing basis to reduce turnaround time with the code-frame created by us, in collaboration with the client, or provided by the client.  A minimum of 5% of coded questions are verified on every project plus we conduct a minimum of 5% verification on all data entered.


Processing & Tabulations

Our skilled data processing team provide data in to a ‘readable’ format for analysis, typically data tabulations.  Data can be provided in most formats including SPSS,. SSS,.ASC,.CSV. We can also provide you with data tabulations in Word and Excel tailored to your specifications.


Online Portals

For repeat or tracking studies we create dedicated online data portals for clients.  It provides secure 24/7 access to project data and information, instant reporting of key metrics and the ability to drill-down into the data.  Portals are custom built by our in-house team and are structured and branded to meet the needs of each individual client.

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