Telephone Interviewing

At Lake we use the industry recognised software Confirmit for all our telephone interviewing. Confirmit software is a robust and proven system for carrying out survey research via the telephone, and provides a centralised management approach to all aspects of telephone research. It automatically manages the sample (contact details), appointments, callbacks, open-ends, and reporting.

All call outcomes are logged to provide statistics on screen outs, refusals, terminates and any other call outcomes for monitoring purposes, and the software offers full support for interviewers, coders and supervisors. The supervisor facility also enables the management of surveys, interviewers, reports, and the entire system from a single, central menu.

All interviewing is conducted in-house at our onsite telephone unit. All of our interviewers are qualified market research interviewers and are trained to ISO 20252 standards. Business interviewing is conducted during weekdays between 9am and 5pm. Resident interviewing is conducted during the week (up to 9pm) and weekend to capture those working / not working and varying work hours. Our interviewing team are experienced in building a rapport with potential respondents and are skilled in negotiating and scheduling appointments in order to maximise response rates.

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