We prefer to begin every full service job with a blank sheet of paper: no preconceptions, no branded product offerings. Give us the problem and we will design the research to solve it and report on the findings in a way that you can successfully action.

Full, in house service - reducing cost and maximising insight

We feel our reporting approach maximises insight because all elements of the research from data collection to analysis is conducted in house to ensure all phases are linked up. This approach also enables our costing to be highly competitive as you cut out the middle man.

Maximising output

Our team of experienced researchers will ensure you get the most out of your data and report it in a clear, concise and useable format. We not only report on information that is of relevance to the research but also strive to identify areas where future research and/or development can take place. We also make sure that we interpret our research findings in view of the wider environment so we can provide a holistic view of the current situation.

Here if you need us - 24/7

At Lake Market Research we go that extra mile to ensure our customers are happy. What we often find our clients comment on is that we are always at the end of the phone be it 8pm in the evening of 7am in the morning.

We recognise that after the research comes the task of putting findings into action and / or designing follow up studies to gain further understanding. Having gained valuable knowledge and experience working on your project, our researchers are here any time to offer guidance and advice after the study is complete. We want to ensure you get the most out of your research experience from project design through to data collection, reporting and aftercare.

Online, interactive reporting

We are also able to offer clients our online reportals, designed in house to client requirements. An accessible online platform to access data easily and securely, providing instant reporting of key metrics and enabling quick and easy comparability with previous data. For more information visit our reportals page.


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