We recognise that qualitative work requires a specialist approach and as such we have a dedicated network of qualitative consultants, each with individual specialisms and many years experience in qualitative techniques.


Lake can offer recruitment of respondents to qualitative techniques either through traditional methods such as telephone or face to face, or more innovate methods such as search engines for hard to reach respondents.

Recruitment using search engines - now there's an idea!

Using search engines is a new tool in Market Research which has the ability to identify people actively searching for your product. The search engine does the hard work to find your target respondent and can subsequently give you an insight into a group of people who otherwise may be difficult and costly to find.

  • Search engines are geographically limitless and provides the opportunity to cast a much wider net without the cost of free-finding individuals face to face or over the telephone.

  • All interviewing is conducted via an online survey which can display visuals / graphics or links to websites / other resources on the internet.

  • Search engine surveys can just be used for recruitment purposes - they can filter out your target respondents via the search criteria they are entering making for much more targeted recruitment - very powerful for difficult groups.

  • You can cap the number of completes per day so you can manage what you are spending and you only pay per click.

  • The method gives you access to potential customers searching for your product, quickly.

  • The internet is an ever expanding medium giving people access to vast amounts of information. Understanding online motivations, searches and general usage will allow you to monitor your online presence and optimise it to further sales and growth .Please contact us to find out more 01622 357 062

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