Lake Market Research - Privacy Notice May 2018


Lake Communications Ltd. t/a Lake Market Research is a full-service independent market research agency operating within the confines of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016. Lake is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Z121330X).


In this notice “we”, “us”, “our” refers to Lake Market Research.


Our registered address is: 21 East Street, Bromley, BR1 1QE.


Our company registration number is: 01126638


This privacy notice applies to the collection of personal data and may be of interest to respondents or potential respondents who have or may participate in one of our market research projects.


How & why we collect your personal data


For the purposes of market research in the majority of cases we will act as the data processor acting on behalf of our client (the data controller) and collect personal data under the specified lawful basis of the data controller.


We deploy the following methods to collect data for market research purposes:

  • Face-to-face

  • Telephone

  • Post

  • Online

  • Email

  • SMS


We collect and process data for analysis reasons and this data will normally be anonymised through which individuals will not be identified unless specified at the time of collection. Agreeing to participate in market research conducted by us is purely voluntary as is the provision of personal identifiable information.


A data subject (usually a respondent) can apply to us to see what data, if any, we hold about them, known as a Subject Access Request (SAR), to do this please email or contact 01622 357060.  We shall respond to the applicant within one month of receiving the SAR.


The data subject has the following rights:

  • Revoke consent and ask us to stop processing their personal data;

  • Restrict processing of their personal data;

  • Ask us how we obtained their personal data if not from them;

  • Apply for the data to be erased;

  • Request that any incorrect personal information be corrected.

We will not use data subjects’ personal data for any other reason than specified at the time of collection.


Data storage, retention and deletion


We may have contacted the respondent as a result of being given their personal information by one of our clients of whom the data subject may be a customer (i.e. a customer database). Alternatively, we may have purchased a list of contacts through a sample provider to target potential participants. When we receive/purchase such lists, it is the responsibility of the client/sample provider to ensure those featured within the lists are fully aware they may be contacted for market research purposes.

We reinforce at various stages of the data collection process that provision of personal data is completely voluntary, and they can refuse to take part at any time.


When acting as the data processor on behalf of our client as the data controller, they will specify the length of time we are to retain the personal information collected, if this is not determined we will keep retain the data for one year following the completion of the project.


For adherence to quality control procedures, we may ask a respondent their name, address and telephone number in order to re-contact them for verification purposes. We do this to monitor our interviewers and ensure compliance with our interviewing procedures.


Data transfer


We will not transfer any data outside of the EEA and will not pass on any personal data to a third-party without the respondent’s express knowledge and consent.

There may be occasions where we utilise the services of sub-contractors, such as transcribers, in the research process. Once their participation in the research has ended, they are contractually obligated to delete any data held in relation to the project.


Further information


Please contact Lake’s Data Manager on 01622 357060 or email for all queries regarding personal data or queries relating to this policy or alternatively the Information Commissioner’s Office.


As well as complying with the GDPR 2016, we also adhere to the ISO 20252 quality standard and the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

© 2017 by Lake Market Research

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