Online design and hosting facility

Lake benefits from having a dedicated in-house hosting facility for online research. This enables our executive team and project managers to have 100% control over the process of launching and running surveys. Our online software and programmers can deliver a range of capabilities from simple question types to complex routing and rotations.

A summary of features include:

  • Single/Multiple choice/ Open ended questions with numerous question types (drop downs, multi select, graphical)

  • Titles , subtitles, notes and instructions

  • Up to 65 000 questions per survey

  • Graphics, background design, fonts – tailored to the product/brand or company

  • Automated question routing

  • Must answer question warnings

  • Partial complete data recorded

  • Respondent log in – automatic/manual

  • Quota’s and Sampling

  • Respondent tagging to build informative data archives and online community panels for future research

We can also source the sample for your online research either through our own panels or through carefully selected access panel partners. Please visit our Access Panel page for further information.

Tablet / Offline interviewing

Offline interviewing via tablets, either hand held or positioned in kiosks / on stands to capture responses from people as they enter / exit reception areas.

All our tablets are WiFi / 3G enabled so responses are submitted back instantly. If the tablet is not connected to WiFi, interviewing can still take place and the data is stored on the tablet until such a time as it becomes in range when responses are submitted back.

Included within our tablet offering, we also offer clients access to live reporting online to view number of completes and have the ability to run simple variable counts or cross tabulations.

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