The Lake Shopping Experience

Face to Face - Telephone - Online - Postal

Lake offers a Mystery Shopping team with extensive experience in both agency and client side research for face to face, telephone, online, email and postal contacts covering a variety of scenarios.

We have a fully trained field force of 200 mystery shoppers nationwide. For specific jobs requiring certain characteristics we can also recruit these on an ad-hoc basis as we appreciate the importance of having mystery shoppers that fit the scenario / profile requirements.

Preparation and Briefing

Preparation is very important when setting up a mystery shopping project. Clearly defining the mystery shopping objectives is key as this forms the basis of establishing the instructions and the appropriate scenarios to be used.

Clients are encouraged to participate in briefings either face-to-face or remotely to ensure that the team are fully aware of the study objectives.

Team experience

We have a team of extremely capable and experienced researchers who collectively have conducted numerous large scale mystery shop studies including:

  • Large scale mystery shopping and customer satisfaction study for a high street bank whereby all branches were mystery shopped with individual branch reporting. The project team managed a total of 300,000 mystery shops each year over a 5 year contract. Each shop was audio recorded hence our team has specific experience in this methodology.

  • 1,000 mystery shops for Royal Mail assessing product journey through the system.

  • Mystery shop study for Tesco, every store nationwide was shopped quarterly on an ongoing basis.

  • Ford– mystery shopping their vans. This included video recording the experience whilst test driving each vehicle.

  • Mystery shopping the purchase of lorries on behalf of Ford. This involved actual transport managers making an enquiry to buy new lorries and audits conducted of the buying purchase.

  • Virgin Trains – assessing service levels. Shoppers conducted a full journey on the trains and charted their experience.

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