National field force of experienced face to face interviewers

Lake has a national fieldforce of 500 interviewers which are led by a team of 14 local area supervisors. All of our interviewers are trained to either IQCS or the ISO 20252 international standard.

(CAPI) Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

Our interviewers are trained to use handheld tablets which enable electronic completion of the questionnaire. Whilst traditional pen and paper is still used in some instances, we consider tablets to be an extremely effective interviewing medium offering a variety of benefits to our clients

These include:

  • Cost effectiveness due to reduced costs in data processing

  • Faster turnaround of data as interviews are uploaded in real time

  • A more concise interviewing technique as routing within the questionnaire is automatic hence the interviewer can concentrate on achieving a quality interview

  • The option to obtain feedback on media messaging through the ability to play respondents audio or visual stimulus / campaign material, e.g. radio / TV advertising

Interview Quality

At Lake, we take interviewer quality very seriously. When recruiting interviewers, we do not just look for people that are good at data collection; we ensure they are capable of building a rapport as well as being able to interact with the respondent. We invest heavily in localised recruitment so that our interviewing resource is not only well distributed (and hence maximizes efficiency) but also ensures that we have interviewers who are familiar with, and hence comfortable working in all localities.


In addition to initial training, all interviewers are individually appraised and coached by experienced supervisors, who accompany them regularly to check adherence to quality standards on live projects. At Lake head office, we also complete separate quality checks with respondents via telephone for all interviewers working on each project.

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