Doing it right

Most of our work has been involved with properly recruited respondents from all of the population using traditional methodologies. This experience has given us the ability to recognise and advise on the best practices when it comes to online research.

Access Panels

We admit the errors in access panel research and as a result, try hard to remove the inaccuracies. We have teamed up with partners who provide panelists who have not been specifically recruited for market research rather, they are recruited from people who are collecting points for purchases such as air miles. It seems to us that using panelists recruited specifically for research means that they are even more likely to be attitudinally unrepresentative.

We also check the accuracy of the panel by regularly running check questions on our monthly face-to-face omnibus survey using conventional random sampling methodology.


We include regular questions on our omnibus to provide comparative data to check the accuracy of the panel. Where relevant we will also include customers key questions to provide confirmation of the accuracy of panel findings and where necessary the basis for weighting the data.

Our panel conforms to the latest ESOMAR and MRS codes of conduct.

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